Upcoming Live Webinars

proliftic-edwebinar-thumbnailPreserve Your Sanity with Strategic Data Leadership for Improved Outcomes
Tuesday, February 28, 2023 @ 5:00 pm - 6:00 pm EST
Presented by Dr. Delonna Darsow, Former Product Champion, Sourcewell


Data-driven decision making has been critical for educators since the dawn of accountability. This need hasn’t diminished over time, in fact, following the recent pandemic, the need for reliable data to help address learning gaps has actually increased. This edWebinar will highlight not only the importance of keeping data at the heart of instructional leadership, but also the need to have a well-designed data strategy. The edWebinar will be of interest to K-12 teachers, school and district leaders, instructional coaches, department heads, TOSAs, and teacher leaders. 

On-Demand Webinars

Shifting Reading Instruction in a Realistic and Manageable Way - YouTubeShifting Reading Instruction in a Realistic and Manageable Way

Shifting practices to meet the research in reading can feel overwhelming, especially with the lack of funding, obstacles in implementation, and constant changes that teachers face daily. Educators and administrators need to find ways to make the change more manageable, even within their existing environments with only the available resources. During this webinar with Express Readers, receive a quick summary of the current movement in education towards structured literacy. Then be introduced to practical approaches for shifting mindset and instruction in areas such as reading groups/centers, planning methods, daily routines, and educational materials—all without needing to overspend or overwhelm.


Teaching News Literacy in the Era of Hyperpolarized Media - YouTubeTeaching News Literacy in the Era of Hyperpolarized Media

In this webinar with Ad Fontes Media, learn how to use news literacy methodology to recognize and rate bias and reliability in the news and “news-like” content. In this hands-on session, you will practice diplomatically dealing with sensitive political topics while maintaining objectivity. You will leave the session ready to implement a news literacy curriculum in your classroom. This webinar is of interest to teachers, librarians, school and district leaders, and education technology leaders of the middle school, high school, and adult education levels.

2022-10-04 16_34_33-Interactive 3D in the Classroom- Bringing Out the Creator in All Students - YouTInteractive 3D in the Classroom: Bringing Out the Creator in All Students

Interactive 3D is everywhere, from games and entertainment to architecture and beyond! The demand for real-time 3D skills is skyrocketing around the globe, growing over six times faster than the job market overall according to a 2019 report by Burning Glass Technologies. As this technology expands beyond traditional video game design and development into other disciplines, more employers are seeking designers, developers, and artists with these skills. Learn how Unreal Engine, Fortnite Creative, and Twinmotion can easily be incorporated into any curriculum, and leave ready to inspire the next generation of creators!

2022-10-04 15_51_19-Analyzing Primary Sources in Project-Based Learning - YouTubeAnalyzing Primary Sources in Project-Based Learning

In this edWebinar with Educurious, learn how primary sources can help students connect with historical events, grapple with complex stories, and make sense of diverse perspectives across multiple sources. To set the stage for your experience, we will introduce you to Pa’lante: Onward With Art, a project-based learning unit that is freely available to all educators (funded by the Library of Congress). The presenters share an approach to high-quality, rigorous project-based learning, whether designed by teachers or as open educational resources, and make connections to the C3 Framework to understand the skills students are building as they analyze sources and identify evidence to support their claims.

2022-10-05 09_09_42-News Literacy Project on-demand webinarBuilding Strong Digital Citizens: News and Media Literacy in the Classroom

Whether scrolling through social media or conducting research for term papers, students encounter a startlingly wide range of news and media daily. How can you set the stage in the classroom for your students to think critically about what they read, watch and hear online? What steps can you take to help students understand and analyze their information landscape, and how can you lay the foundation for responsible digital citizenship? In this edWebinar, hear creative ideas, advice and solutions to these questions from some of the News Literacy Project’s NewsLit Nation ambassadors, educators who serve as community news literacy advocates.

2022-10-05 10_36_54-How to Shift the School Culture of Reading to Raise Proficiency - YouTubeHow to Shift the School Culture of Reading to Raise Proficiency

Reading is the language of our classrooms and the key to accessing information. Shifting to structured literacy involves knowledge acquisition and commitment, but the shift is essential for raising reading proficiency in our schools, particularly in grades TK-2. Watch this webinar with Express Readers CEO and founder, Elise Lovejoy, to learn about the latest research, the cognitive science of how students learn to read, successful case studies in shifting school culture, and how to revise the structure of reading to provide all students with success.

2022-10-05 10_22_13-Fostering Creativity through Collaborative STEAM Learning - YouTubeFostering Creativity through Collaborative STEAM Learning

During this webinar with SAM Labs, learn to gain confidence in implementing STEAM with K-8 students. Focus on pedagogy, the reasoning behind STEAM, and how integrating it into education can build a critical thinking foundation and problem-solving skills for younger students. The webinar will expand to how a CPA (Concrete, Pictorial, Abstract) model can establish a strong groundwork for STEAM learning. Interact with hands-on learning activities (virtual manipulatives) and explore opportunities for creativity, engineering, and open-ended responses. 

2022-10-05 08_58_54-Evaluating High Quality Instructional Materials - YouTubeEvaluating High Quality Instructional Materials

More programs are being purchased in K-12 schools than ever before in the history of schooling in America. Billions of dollars are available for educators to spend on instructional materials, and new solutions enter the market every single day. But how do you ensure that you are making the best adoption decisions for your students and teachers? How can you quickly determine whether or not the materials you are considering are evidence-based? Watch this webinar to find out.


2022-10-03 16_48_14-Agile Mind on-demand webinarFostering SEL & Growth Mindset in Secondary Math Classrooms

It’s no surprise that the past year has been challenging for students and educators alike. In order to keep students engaged in subjects, educators are looking for ways to build skills such as social-emotional learning and growth mindset. By focusing on these principles, students feel more engaged to take on learning amidst other challenges. During this webinar, explore best practices for fostering growth mindset and SEL in middle and high school classrooms from the expert team at Agile Mind and instructional experts from The University of Texas at Austin’s Charles A. Dana Center. This webinar is ideal for instructional leaders focused on improving secondary math instruction.

2022-10-04 15_08_05-Meg Languages on-demand webinarBuilding Global Citizens through World Language Learning

In order to be prepared for a modern world and society, we must prepare our students for a global economy. By giving students exposure to other cultures and languages, we help them evolve into Global Citizens. Yet in reality, many schools and districts find themselves without the ability to enhance intercultural or world language learning as they don’t have the staff or resources to accommodate these needs. Watch this webinar with Meg to explore how world language learning can help students build Global Citizenship while improving literacy skills through language acquisition. 

2022-10-04 15_12_00-Standards Plus Writing Highway on-demand webinarA Roadmap to Effective Writing Instruction

Teaching writing is challenging, and the instruction students receive needs to be specific, focused, engaging, and manageable. Now more than ever, teachers need to know with confidence that their chosen materials and instructional strategies will develop proficient writers. This webinar gives educators a firsthand look at Standards Plus Writing Highway, a research-based writing program developed by an award-winning educational nonprofit.


2022-10-04 15_16_33-STORYWORLD on-demand webinarEnsuring Gains for English Learners This Year

Whether you are teaching in person or from a distance, English Learners (ELs) need intervention tools to support language acquisition. Without these tools, general learning becomes harder and these vulnerable populations are left behind. Watch this webinar with STORYWORLD as we explore instructional best practices to support all ELs.

2022-10-04 15_21_32-How to use stimulus funds on-demand webinarUsing K-12 Stimulus Funds for Instructional Programs to Address Learning Loss

With billions of dollars available in federal stimulus funding through ESSER and GEER, educators across the country are identifying the best ways to use financial resources to support student learning. Make the most of these one-time funds and understand the best way to address learning loss. In this on-demand webinar, K-12 funding and procurement expert, Jessica Chung of RYE Consulting provides an overview of options and eligibility.