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Interactive 3D in the Classroom: Bringing Out the Creator in All Students

Interactive 3D is everywhere, from games and entertainment to architecture and beyond! The demand for real-time 3D skills is skyrocketing around the globe, growing over six times faster than the job market overall according to a 2019 report by Burning Glass Technologies. As this technology expands beyond traditional video game design and development into other disciplines, more employers are seeking designers, developers, and artists with these skills. Learn how Unreal Engine, Fortnite Creative, and Twinmotion can easily be incorporated into any curriculum, and leave ready to inspire the next generation of creators!

During this webinar with Epic Games, you will be introduced to interactive 3D and real-time technology across various industries, including advertising, game development, architecture, engineering, automotive, film, and entertainment. Demand for real-time skills will outpace the market by 600%. The webinar will share teaching resources using Unreal Engine, Fortnite Creative, and Twinmotion. You will leave with an understanding of the suite of Epic Games’ interactive 3D resources, and their potential to prepare students for real-world skills using industry-standard tools.